Saturday, February 23, 2008

Working of a CNC Machine

Working of a CNC Machine
A CNC Machine is used for mass production. A CNC machine can be used in industry to create items very fast - like hundreds of articles in a day. Making my hand is not feasible today.

For example you want to make an item out of wood. I would normally take a whole day for a skilled artisan to make that item. But the same can be done in less than a minute using an industrial cnc machine.
CNC machines are of various types. They can work on a wide range of materials - both soft and hard ones.
THe soft materials can be wood, plastics, rubber, etc.
And any hard materials can also be used. There are different machines for different types of materials.

A small cnc machines normally used in small labs and schools is shown above.
The different parts are shown in figure.
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