Saturday, February 23, 2008

PCBs manufacture using CNC Router

Manufacture of Printed Circuit Boards Using CNC Routers:
The printed circuit boards are normally manufactured using chemicals like ferric chloride, etc.
These chemicals must be used carefully as these can be dangerous to the health of people.

These days, however, the printed circuit boards can be manufactured using CNC Routers eliminating the need for the dangerous chemicals which are harmful for the environment.
So the CNC manufacturing technique is environment friendly. The waste can collected at one place and be disposed off easily.
A copper clad board is used in CNC Router manfacturing technique while a photo resist board is etched in the other technique. Using photo resist board is a cheaper method of manufacturing but it has big environmental costs associated with it and keeping in mind the economic losses arising out of the environmental costs, the photo etching method is not cheaper than the CNC Router method.

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