Saturday, February 23, 2008

CNC Machines India

How does the CNC machine work?
The required product is first designed using a special software supplied with the machine or one which is compatible with the machine. There are many softwares available in the market.
A manufacturer can get his product designed from a professional and then just feed the code into his machine. Its that simple!
So first the design is fed into the computer which converts the design into a numerical code which can be understood by the machine which then uses to for cutting and shaping the item out of the supplied material.
Safety of the worker dealing with the machine is taken care of in all the CNC Machines.
The material to be shaped is put into a block with double sided tape.
The block to be cut is placed inside the vice. Then the setup is tightened. After that the vice moves up, down, right and left to carve the item out of the block.
Appropriate safety is ensured while working by using Guards, etc.
The CNC is turned on and the cutting is done automatically. When the product is done, it can be removed from the machine.

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